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Laguna Beach Screen Printing

One key investment businesses and brands make is screen-printing promotional items and other materials with the business’ name, logo, and slogan. When in Laguna Beach, Main Graphics is sure to impress you because of how well the team screen prints on any material.

Laguna Beach Screen Printing screen printing apparel printing cn

Our screen printing service is open to any business, whether small or large businesses, looking for screenprints that won’t fade over time or appear smudged, distorting the design.

We can screen print on any material, even on large surfaces, to boost your marketing campaign.

All the screen printing projects we do are done in-house to keep our quality top-notch and the service affordable, perfect for those on a budget.

Our screen printing team can answer all your questions and help you maximize the effects of your screen-printed materials to their fullest potential to help your business flourish.

Call Main Graphics at (949) 570-6474 for your Free Consultation with an Laguna Beach Screen Printing expert!

Types of Screen Printing Applications

Our Laguna Beach screen printing service can screen print on any type of material and use the designs you want. We will be guiding you through every step of the screen printing process, from picking the right materials for screen printing to distributing these screen printed materials to your recipients.

Down below are some examples of screen printing applications we can do at Main Graphics:

Out of all the materials we can screen print on, textiles are the most popular. Textile printing is affordable and can be used in any type of textile. When we do textile printing, we use the latest emulsion strategies to secure the screen print on your chosen textile and protect it from wear and tear for a long time.

Screen printing can also be done on any type of glass or ceramic. This is often a favorite for events like weddings and promotional campaigns. We have equipment in the company specifically made to screen print on these materials and guarantee that once the screen print is done, all the design details are visible.

Since electronics are now a staple for many people, businesses are now seeing its benefits as a promotional souvenir or gift for events and campaigns. Much like textile, glass, and ceramic printing, screen-printed electronics can help with brand awareness when they are in use. When screen-printing electronics, we make sure that the electronics will not get damaged in any way.

If you are distributing posters, setting up large display stands, or customizing large items, we can screen print your chosen graphics on them. Thanks to our screen printing equipment, we can screen print graphics on any surface with just a few clicks. Our clients love this screenprint option because they can get very creative on the materials they can screen print on.

Opt for Laguna Beach, CA Screen Printing Now!

You don’t need to reach out to multiple companies just to get an Laguna Beach screen printing service that works well with your budget and requirements.

Laguna Beach Screen Printing collor pallet graphic design cnAt Main Graphics, we not only work with any business and budget, but we are also ready to take on your project no matter what design elements you need for your screen prints. We take pride in making personalized designs for our clients because they need printed materials that truly represent what they are as a business and what they are offering. You can even ask us to update your existing designs to make them more appealing to your target audience.

When the design passes your requirements and picks the material for us to screen print, our printing experts will get to work. Before we deliver the screen-printed materials to your business, we will double-check the print to see if the design came out perfectly and won’t fade over time. We even do bulk screen prints if you will use them for events and other promotional activities.

Still not convinced we are the company you should partner with for your printing needs? Don’t hesitate to check out our free consultation service. Our printing experts will be on hand to answer all your inquiries and show you how we can transform your screen printing project into something that works for you.

Let’s Talk More

Laguna Beach Screen Printing logo 1When it comes to quality and affordable Laguna Beach screen printing service, you won’t go wrong with Main Graphics’s offering.

With our talented team behind you, you can get your company’s work apparel, promotional items, and other prints screen printed perfectly even if you are on a budget.

Let our Laguna Beach, CA printing company make the entire project stress-free and accommodate your needs perfectly regardless of your design requirements and budget.

Call Main Graphics at (949) 570-6474 for your Free Consultation with an Laguna Beach Screen Printing expert!