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Direct Mail Marketing Services

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see businesses using websites and social media to market their products and services online. While some of these marketing ads bore some effect, the number of ads people have to go through every day on these sites can dissuade them from purchasing these products or learning more about the services. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by targeting your audiences directly with the help of personally mailed marketing products.

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Main Graphics offers its efficient and consistent Orange County direct mail service for any business or company looking for an effective way to reach their audiences in their own homes. We can personalize your marketing materials that will inspire them to check what you offer and deliver them to their mailbox. Once they see your mail, they will be more positive in reacting to your marketing campaign because you took the time to reach out to them.

Want to learn more about direct mailing and how it can change the way you market your business? Let our team discuss it with you, and let us be your reliable partner for your marketing strategy and printing projects.

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Direct Mailing Products

Direct Mail Marketing Services Direct Mail client 300x200When it comes to marketing materials, you have a lot of options to choose from. If you wish to understand how they work and know which one fits your needs, our Orange County direct mail experts are here to assist and create them for you.

Some of the direct mailing products we recommend and produce include:

1. Brochures
2. Catalogs
3. Postcards
4. Sales letters
5. Newsletters
6. Political mails
7. Flyers

When we produce these direct mailing products, we make sure that it matches your brand perfectly. We can personalize it to include your products, services, and even your brand’s story and personality. You can even go all out in matching unique envelopes and paper materials to make your strategy stand out.

Direct Mail Targeting

In marketing, direct mailing is more effective than other types of marketing strategies because it reaches out to customers directly and gets actual responses from them. A business can create a mailing list that contains the details of their target audience or seek the help of a professional mailing company to reach out to these customers.

Direct Mail Marketing Services advertising postcard mailer is 300x210Having a mailing list makes marketing easier because you already know which customers are interested in your products and services and where they are located. You can launch a targeted marketing strategy to get them to look at all your offerings with direct mailing.

Main Graphics can assist you with your targeted mailing strategy using the EEDM (Every Door Direct Mail) program of the US Postal Service. We will work hand-in-hand with the postal service to deliver marketing tools to select neighborhoods for a reduced postal rate. This is perfect if you are on a budget and wish to reach your target audience within a certain area.

Full-Service Print Shop

Main Graphics believes that for any business to succeed, they must have an effective marketing strategy that will help them reach their customers and pique their interest consistently. Without one, it is going to be difficult to deliver your products and services to customers and get them excited about their purchase.

Direct Mail Marketing Services Printing machine cnOur Orange County direct mail service is here to assist you with this endeavor and help you launch your business’ big break. After we print your marketing materials, our team will immediately send them to your intended audience and deliver them on time, ensuring that each money you invest in the service is well spent and deliver the results your business needs to grow even further.

Our direct mailing service includes the following:

1. Folding
2. Inserting
3. Collating
4. Gathering
5. Sealing
6. Labeling
7. ZIP code sorting
8. Standard/bulk mail
9. Delivery to post office
10. Database management

We are open to work with any industry and customize the direct mailing service to match your brand and requirements. Let us know what you want your mailing campaign to look like, and we will help you improve it for better impressions.

Let’s Talk – Free Direct Mailing Consultation

Direct Mail Marketing Services logo 1If you want people to support your brand, you need to help them feel special even if they can’t visit your shop personally. By directly mailing your marketing materials to them and personalizing it to their preference, they will be more inclined to check what you are offering and improve their perception of your brand and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Let our Orange County, CA printing company assist you with your marketing strategy by printing your marketing materials and sending them directly to your audience. We have the team, the expertise, and the equipment ready to make it happen and put you a step ahead of your competitors. You won’t be disappointed with our personalized and seamless service. Invest in our services today and see how it will help your business grow like no other business in your industry.

Call Main Graphics at 949-788-6100 for your Free Consultation with an Orange County Direct Mail expert!