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Commercial Printing Services

Every business must use a variety of creative marketing strategies to catch the attention of its target market and present what you have to offer.

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From having an eye-catching banner that tells people your business location to producing books that share your brand story, all practices of investing in printing services are essential to your business’s success.

Main Graphics is a trusted Orange County, CA printing company that can help you with this endeavor and provide you with the commercial printing service you need for your marketing strategy and business goals.

Our team will sit down with you to find out what you need and get it done within your existing budget. We take on both small and large projects, including custom ones, and it is done in-house to get it done on time whenever you need it.

Call Main Graphics at 949-788-6100 for your Free Consultation with an Orange County Commercial Printing expert!

Expert Graphic Design Services

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Give people a reason to check your business with the help of unique graphics made to showcase your products and services. Our graphic designers can transform your marketing campaign into something that matches your brand and get the impressions you need to boost your business.

Our Orange County commercial printing service includes graphic design services that you can avail yourself of, whether you have an existing design for us to work on for your commercial prints or you want to start from scratch. We can reimagine your design and make sure that it delivers your message clearly to get the impressions your business is looking for.

Custom Signs & Banners

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Get your target audience interested in your business, event, or promotional activity with the help of custom signs and banners personalized to match your brand. We will look into your brand’s personality, business goals, and preferences to design the perfect image for your custom signs and banners.

Once the design is created, we will print it to your specifications and in the right material. We will deliver the signs and banners in your location with all the tools needed to install them securely in your chosen spot.

Book Binding 

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Want an efficient way for people to read through pages of reports without the risk of jumbling the pages or have some of the pages missing? We offer our quality bookbinding service, which can be used for your marketing documents and business reports. Having your documents and marketing materials bound together will transform your presentation in a more professional manner and last for a long time.

We can do any type of bookbinding style for your materials, from staple binding to perfect book bound. All our binding options are done in-house, which helps us keep our prices affordable and our work high-quality and have everything you are looking for in the final product. Let our team check your printed materials to see which binding method would work perfectly for them.

Promotional Items Printing

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Promotional items are the heart of many marketing campaigns, no matter what kind of business you are. Promotional items can be distributed to your target audience and even to your employees, who will then use them and develop a stronger attachment to the brand. It also helps you to reach a wider audience because as your initial audience uses your promotional items, other people will notice it and slowly recognize your brand in the process.

Our Orange County commercial printing service for promotional items can be in the form of t-shirts, backpacks, and even electronics. Our team can recommend the best ones for your business and industry and print your company name and logo on these promotional items in strategic areas for people to see clearly. Our prints also won’t fade over time, especially on shirts, hats, umbrellas, and other popular promotional items.

Full-Service Print Shop

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At Main Graphics, we make sure that the printed materials we do for each client are unique and match their requirements to the letter.

We also do every aspect of the printing process in-house, allowing us to keep the rates low and guaranteeing high quality no matter how big or small the print material you request will be. We print materials from business cards and postcards to large pieces like signs and vehicle wraps.

If you want a custom design for your printed materials, we have graphic designers ready to make it happen. We also do bulk orders for your marketing campaigns and other events that require a large amount of print material distributed to your target audience.

Let’s Talk – Free Expert Commercial Printing Consultation

Commercial Printing Services logo 1If you are a business looking for high-quality commercial prints for your products, merchandise, and other marketing materials, you need to go to a trusted Orange County commercial printing company that will help you in every step of the process. Main Graphics is a dedicated printing company that wants every business to have easy access to high-quality printing services regardless of their budget.

Our experts are ready to take on any printing project you put forward to our team and even offer recommendations to help these print materials to bolster your business further.

Call Main Graphics at 949-788-6100 for your Free Consultation with an Orange County Commercial Printing expert!