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Main Graphics

It is not impossible nowadays to get any information you need online regarding businesses and companies if you need certain products or services. However, there is still a unique appeal to delivering or receiving a printed material to get information about a business and its offerings.

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Main Graphics is the Orange County print shop to sign with if you want to give your clients quality printed material that will provide them with all the information they need to know about your business and services. We work with you to achieve the image you want people to see when they receive or see your printed material and make sure that the printed material is suited for your budget, specifications, and industry.

We offer a huge variety of printing services for clients to avail to suit any business needs, from offset printing to large-format printing. We also offer services like binding and direct mailing services, which is perfect if you want to speed up your marketing campaign. Let our team know what you need for your business, and we’ll guide you through the options we believe works well for you.

Call Main Graphics at 949-788-6100 for your Free Consultation with an Orange County Printing expert!

Digital Printing for You

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Thanks to the introduction of graphic design applications and programs, digital printing has revolutionized the way people can design their posters, signs, banners, and other printed materials. With digital printing, these materials are now able to convey the business’ message more effectively and tell additional information as the customers take in the design or the printed material.

At Main Graphics, we can help you achieve your vision in designing the best printed material for your business. We will use all the information you provide us to design your material, whether it is for business cards to large signs. We do everything in-house to deliver the products on time and guarantee quality prints each time. If you want something unique or don’t know which one to pick out of all the options available, don’t hesitate to ask our talented team for help.

One-Stop Print Shop For Your Business

Main Graphics advertising postcard mailer is 300x210

If you are looking for an Orange County, CA printing company that you can trust, you won’t go wrong with Main Graphics and its talented team of print experts.

Our company is a full-service sign company where you don’t need to reach out to another team to finish your printing project. We can do every aspect of the printing process, from designing what is going to be printed to distributing the printed material or installing it if your request consists of product displays or signs.

We have a wide variety of materials and styles for you to choose from, with our team ready to assist if you can’t pick the best one for your needs. Since we do everything in-house, we can give you the prints on time and keep our services affordable no matter how many you want us to print.

Graphic Design Specialists

Main Graphics Graphics Design client 300x200

Every business must be able to stand out from their competition and let people know what kind of business they are with the help of their displays.

If you don’t have a design that clearly represents your business, let our graphic designers handle it for you. We will use your business’ story, offerings, and goals to conceptualize the designs that match your brand and include all the elements needed to convey your message effectively. We will also format it according to your chosen style and get it manufactured easily.

We won’t proceed to the next step until you approve the design and material that will be used for your chosen print format. We want you to be satisfied with our work and give you more reasons to trust us for your other printing needs.

Book Binding Services

Main Graphics Bindery Services client 200x300

At Main Graphics, we want to see to it that clients don’t have to reach out to other companies to complete your marketing strategy.

For your reports, brochures, and training manuals, let our team book bind them for you after we print them.

Our binding service is open to personal and business materials, and we can personalize them to match your design preferences. We can also bind prints if they are on hand, even if you got them printed with another company.

We will deliver your bonded materials on time, and we guarantee that our binding won’t get damaged easily, even with constant use.

Banners and Signs

Banners and signs are key components in any successful business marketing strategy. These items can get your customers to notice your brand and catch their interest.

Main Graphics large banners 300x103For banners and signs, we can design them to showcase your brand in vivid detail and help you show customers that you are different from your competition.

We can design banners and signs in any dimension, style, and resolution, as well as create matching window films and decals for a more striking impact.

From the time you reach out to us, we will already conceptualize the designs for you, and once you approve of it, we will get to work in producing them. We even have a team ready to get them installed once the signs and banners are complete.

Promotional Items Printing

Aside from your product offerings and services, you should also have other types of merchandise that will help your customers show their support to your brand and get other people to join in the action as well.

Main Graphics Promo item 1 client 300x200We recommend investing in custom promotional items like shirts, accessories, and other materials related to your business and get us to print your brand name and logo on them. When they are in use, these promotional items can help people remember your brand easier and even reach out to other people who see your customers using these promotional items.

Promotional items can be used in many events and work well as souvenirs or gifts. Our printing experts can sit down with you to determine the best type of promotional items that work well for your business and personality. We will then prepare them according to your requirements and help you distribute them if necessary.

Direct Mailing Services

Want to reach out to more audiences and get people to be interested in your offerings? You can avail of our direct mailing service to do the job for you. Through our service, we can handle the distribution of your printed material and send it directly to your mailing list. We can also help you build your mailing list and launch a mailing campaign that will catch people’s attention.

Main Graphics Postcard Printing client 300x200Utilizing our direct mailing service can improve your company’s advertising strategy and build your presence in areas not reached by your current marketing strategy. It also improves customer satisfaction because when your recipients receive your printed material, and it is tailored to their preferences, they will feel that you understand your needs and become more open in doing business with you.

For this service, we will handle every aspect of the mailing service, from sorting out the mailing list to sending the items to the post office for distribution. You can count on us to do this all in record time so that you can focus on something else.

Full-Service Printing Company

Main Graphics Main Building client 300x200

Our Orange County print shop is committed to providing clients with high-quality prints that suit their brand and budget.

When you reach out to us, you can ask our printing experts to check which format works well for your design and business goal. We have all the equipment, materials, and teams who can handle the project and recommend any possible changes to improve the impacts of the print to those who see it. Since everything will be done in-house, we can deliver your print request on time and guarantee that they are as you intended.

If you want to avail of our services, you can always begin by contacting us through our free consultation service. There, we will answer all your inquiries and start creating your project once the design kinks are sorted out. Before we deliver the printed material to your business, we will double check its quality because we want you to be satisfied with the final product and sign us as your trusted printing company for your next projects.

Our Commitment To You

Main Graphics logo 1Main Graphics believes that printing services should be accessible to all, whether used for personal events or business activity. Our Orange County print shop will work closely with you to achieve your ideal vision for your printed material and keep it within your budget. From start to finish, our team will be with you to clear any questions you may have over the project.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any printing job you have for your business or personal events. We have an extensive catalog of options to match your design and goals, as well as a talented team who can work with existing or custom designs and get them printed in the right dimensions. We guarantee that you will love our personalized service that will help you with your goals all the time. Call us today to learn more about our unique printing service and how it can help you.

Call Main Graphics at 949-788-6100 for your Free Consultation with an Orange County Printing expert!